The Truth About Your Worth

This is an exercise for you to see your worth.

Get a sheet of blank paper and something to write with, then make a table that looks like the one here, or you can simply print.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Create a list of at least 3 solutions that you have generated for others going down the column titled “Solutions.” (Solutions include products, ideas, advice, recommendations, etc. Others can include clients, co-workers, friends, family, strangers, etc.)
  2. In the “Audience” column, write who each solutions was created for. (This is the others noted in #1.)
  3. Under the “Problem Solved” column, write the the problem that was addressed by your solution.
  4. In the “Impact/Results” column, list the impact that your solution had on people and/or the situation.
  5. Consider the larger impact that your solution had beyond the immediate impact on the individual and write it under the “Broader Influence” column. (e.g. Because I was able to influence Person X, Community or Persons Y is now being impacted.)

It’s okay if you can only come up with 3, and if you do more, that’s fine too. But know that at least 3 will make the point.

Now, review your responses.

Reflect on the positive ripples you’ve created in the world through others.

Recognize this was because of the worth of your gifts and talents.

And, embrace this truth about yourself by owning the affirmation, I AM valuable.


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