The Art of Releasing Dissatisfaction

The Tao Chapter 2 – My Interpretation

Observing objects as they are removes judgement. Calling one flower beautiful means that there must be another that is not beautiful, otherwise, how could the former receive the title?

Judgement can lead to dissatisfaction. As long as an object, situation or person does not match the desire, it becomes opposite of the desire leaving a want of the desire. The want then creates dissatisfaction with what is.

Observe and allow what is to be, without calling it–beautiful, pretty, good. All of these create dissatisfaction when they are not.

Wisdom advises to simply allow the flow of being. The object, in its being-ness, serves as it was intended. Even the same is true for you.

Objects, situations and people are ever in a state of flux. Let them be in each moment of flux without your need to attach to any moment. They will flow through time with or without your attachment, so why cling to what will change in a moment?

Flow in the moment—be present with it—and in the new moment, be present with that.

Observe without judgement and allow all things to be as they are because that’s what they’ll be with or without your attachment.

observe only

As I read Stephen Mitchell’s translation the Tao Te Ching daily, I reflect and document my interpretation with the intention of living the Tao. 

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