Let Go to Achieve

The Tao Chapter 7 – My Interpretation

The Way of The Invisible All is beyond any form of measurement. It cannot be contained. There is also no start or end point. It just is, always creating, always flowing.

Here are the ways to consider as I grow to more deeply comprehend my being-ness in The All.

Place myself in position then allow The All to create through me. This is how I advance.

Free myself from any particular outcome knowing that the result is ideal in that it lends itself to my advancement.

Positioning myself for creation to flow through me and allowing it are the cause; achievement and advancement are the effect.

As I read Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the Tao Te Ching daily, I reflect and document my interpretation with the intention of living the Tao. Today I transitioned to using personalized pronouns because I am my first student.


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