A Path to Your Heart’s Desires

The Tao Chapter 3 – My Interpretation

When viewing the accomplishments of others, hold your ego back from viewing them as better than yourself, or higher in anyway. They are you, expressed in another form. You both are expressions of Source, The All. See them as you expressing in a different way, otherwise you will see yourself inappropriately, as lower or less than, and try to create a life that isn’t really yours. Seeing others as better than yourself, robs you of your ability to fully express as your true self.

Here is how The All helps you to fully express as your true self.

You come to a place in life where you realize that you with your plans and controlling hands, control nothing. You learn that you ought to follow your heart because your virtues and true desires reside there. You come to a place where you release what you think you want and embrace the unknown of your path. Despite trepidation, you somehow know that this is the path your soul wants. You allow yourself to live with ambiguity and seeming confusion because this is the path that is clear to your Higher Self.

And as you allow yourself to flow in this river, what you are to do will flow through you—not because of you, but because of The All and your allowance of the flow. Because of your letting go.

Let go of thinking others are higher than yourself, let go of creating from your lower nature. Embrace the moment to moment flow of the unknown and marvel at how life happens through you.

As I read Stephen Mitchell’s translation the Tao Te Ching daily, I reflect and document my interpretation with the intention of living the Tao. 


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