You’ve Been Spared

“I’ll see you next time, if God spares our lives.”

My mother, always said that when she was parting ways with someone. Even when she’d hang up the phone–same thing.

Growing up, I always took that line for granted, but as an adult, I understand.

Every morning we wake up, we are still here. I like to think that we are still here to  make someone’s day, make someone laugh, and make someone feel loved by sharing our heart’s light with them. Every morning we wake up, we are still here to enjoy our friends and family, enjoy a good laugh and feel the love of those we care about. Every morning we wake up, we are blessed.

So if you are able to read this, whatever time of the day it is, I encourage you now to take in a refreshingly deep breath, break out into a big beautiful smile and say, “I AM grateful for my life.”


You’re still here to be blessed and to be a blessing.

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