You Are What You Believe

The words stopped me in my tracks!


I was in the middle of a cleaning up when my friend uttered those words.

I stopped in the middle of my office and repeated, “I am my beliefs.”


Those words hit me because they created a question within:

“Sheron, if you are your beliefs, and you are, then what do you believe…about yourself?”

His words have created this recurring question within–what do I believe about myself. This question has helped me to realize that I am where I am in life because of what I believe–I am my beliefs. This question has also heightened my listening when hearing the conversations in my head. This question now makes me quickly end certain conversations in my head by redirecting my thoughts toward a better belief system.

So my questions to you are where are you in life, what conversations are playing in your head, and if you are your beliefs (and you are) then what do you believe about yourself?

Say it, then begin to survey your beliefs for the rest of the day because you are them and they dictate the life you have. I AM my beliefs.


P.S. If you don’t like your beliefs, you can change them!




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