You Are Not Stuck

Journaling is good. Here’s why: it brings you to revelations about yourself that you may not have had, or may have taken longer to have, had you not been journaling. While you are thinking about what you will write next, as the words roll of the pen, you are having a conversation with yourself about your experiences and sometimes you have a moment of clarity!

That happened to me.

I was journaling about a few of my mother’s experiences from her younger years that she shared with me—her past perceived failures. As I prepared to write, “I wonder why she never tried again,” the thought occurred to me that I had a few past perceived failures that made me reluctant to try again. The thought stopped me.

As I thought more about it, I remembered something I heard Oprah say: “failure is just information.” And what is information? Data that should be used to inform you for moving forward. When my mother reflected on her experiences, she saw that she could have started again. When I reflected on my own, I saw the same thing.

I’m grateful I had this opportunity so that I could be encouraged to begin again, but I wonder, how many folks feel stuck because of the false belief that they cannot?

If you feel stuck, this post is for you.

If you’ve had past perceived failures and believe you can’t start again, this post is for you.

If you think it’s too late to pursue your desires, this post is for you.

You are not stuck. You can start again. It’s not too late.

Every morning that you get to see the sunrise once more, you are born again. Everyday that you are blessed with a new day, you are renewed. Because you are new, you can use your past data to inform your new direction. You can begin again.

Now that you are clear, exhale with a smile and proclaim, I AM renewed daily.


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