You Are Living Art

There will always be people in your life that try to talk you down from your dreams. They want you to live small because they choose to. They fear your success, because they feel that your thriving magnifies their choice to not try. They want you to be static like them. But  I am here to let you know something else.

If you are alive you should be growing.

If you are moving you should be evolving.

If you are growing and evolving, then you are like the living art of the universe–never fixed, never static, always expanding.

So, the next time someone says something to you like “you’re always doing something,” or “there you go again trying something new,” embrace that you are alive, embrace that you are still becoming, look them in the eyes with all boldness, and let them know with every ounce of confidence that is within you, “I AM in the making.”


You’re journey isn’t over until it’s over!


  1. Keep moving forward sis! You are living art!😍

  2. I agree. I am in the making now. I know that later I will encounter some who will say why are you doing that. I am ready. I am in the making.

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