What is Your Nature?

Wow! When I read this I immediately thought to share. It is a text that is worthy of quiet time, so consider reading and sitting with this meditative excerpt for 5 to 10 minutes. Pay attention to how you feel before resting in the words, then see how you feel after.

Prepare to enjoy, Nature of Soul.

Who am I? I ask the question and listen to the voice deep within.

I am the only Presence there is, infinite, omnipresent. I am your Self, the only Self there is. There is no other.

But I feel there are two of us, a me and a You, a lower and higher mind, a helpless creature and a Divine Master.

A wave cannot be separated from the ocean, a ray from the sun. There is only Me, universal and individual. Return to that glory that was once ours–one Mind, one Presence, one Power. I am your Spirit; you are the awareness of Myself through which I function to reveal fulfillment in every area of life.

I am now aware of the I mighty in the midst of me, my one Self expressing as perfect life and perfect world.

I am not a human mind, for there is only one Mind–God-Mind–and God did not create anything opposite of itself.

I renounce the false belief that I am a human being, and accept the truth that I am pure Spirit expressing as soul and body.

Now, repeat it until you know it: I AM pure Spirit expressing as soul and body.


Excerpt for The Jesus Code by John Randolph Price.

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