Traffic Games and Destiny

The text read, “Name the first thing that comes to mind: The most impactful book you ever ‘flew’ through.”

I found this odd. Out of nowhere my friend sent this text and I was caught off guard. Nevertheless, it only took about five seconds for me to respond and I did so with enthusiasm, “The Alchemist! Why do you ask? Are we playing a traffic game?”

Now this was strange or a coincidence or alignment. Choose your word, I may go with destined, but she then texted back, “Lol. Wow. I’m going to send you a poem later. I wrote it just after reading The Alchemist. It’s called, ‘My Destiny’.”

So of course, what did I say? “I must blog this!” I now share with you, My Destiny.


To dream a dream of destiny
Awaken elated, open eyes to surging
Shadows cast, blinded by converging
Hindsight’s past, doubting the present
And the very future’s coming descent
Never again to slumber
To dream again, a destiny

Will I undertake the journey?
Closing my eyes, I jeopardize
Muddling through the wilting haze
Gripping the walls, rescuing remembrance
Above all, the child, the dreamer’s cadence
The you, the me–I have to be

Spreading my eyes to soar the sights
Staunchly I stand in spiritual stature
Against the Me I let subside
No longer coveting cowardly comforts
Shall I struggle?  Shall I fight?
Oh, as sure as the path that’s laid for me!

In crusading, I consciously choose
Earnestly seizing this passage
Heeding each accorded message
Chasing this dream, prevail or lose
To seek out cherished my destiny

Oh, I will fall!
Yet battered, bruised and all
I will lift myself again, plucking
Out the splinters, the baggage
I abandon in pursuit of destiny.

To myself I give most conclusively
The dream, the search, the journey
My choice: yes, my destiny
And yet, mine eyes will fasten to see
The “universe conspire” to assist me

And ultimately when it is disclosed
That my chase, my heed, my struggle
Was only but the journey
As all along, my treasure
Was just beneath my nose!

I will be
For the journey
Is just what it is
My very destiny.

When I asked her, after all these years, now revisiting the poem, what does it make her think? Her answer made me say, this is the I AM. My hope is that this 15-year old poem inspires you, as it did me.

Her answer was, I AM stepping into my destiny.


Melissa Grubbs, the originator of My Destiny is an educator, coach and author.

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