Nurture Your Inner Dignity

Dignity lifts us to realms of new possibilities where things begin to transform, creating more stability in our lives. Undesirable patterns begin to disappear and new patterns emerge as a new way of life.

These words so resonated with me, that I decided to share the concept of inner dignity revealed through Heart Math.

Heart Math is a non-profit organization that researches the power of our hearts and designs techniques for individuals to maximize our lives with that power. In a nutshell, Heart Math’s tagline could be living with the heart in mind.

But back to inner dignity. The article went on to share what happens when our inner dignity is diminished. Better still, it provided a simple technique you could use at any time to optimize your inner dignity. Rather than summarize what was said, I’ll share their original thoughts.

The Stress of ‘Losing Your Dignity’

Although all of us “have” our dignity. We must exercise it or its strength is diminished. No doubt you’ve heard it said of someone who laments a personal failure or disappointment at every turn, “He lost his dignity.” When this happens, it is no small matter, and often the cost goes beyond not achieving a desired goal.

Studies show the stress experienced by those who hold onto anger, disappointment and other negative emotions for long periods can be very harmful. The longer the stress hormone, cortisol, remains in our system the more toxic and harmful it can be.

Those who are unable to move beyond feelings of disappointment, embarrassment or bitterness are at much greater risk of experiencing fatigue or hormonal imbalance, according to the research.

A Tool for Nurturing and Increasing Dignity

Heart-Focused Breathing® Technique

Heart Focus: Focus your attention on your heart. Breathe a little deeper than normal, in for 5 or 6 seconds and out 5 or 6 seconds. You can place your hand over your heart to help maintain your focus there.

Heart Breathing: Now imagine while breathing that you’re doing it through your heart. Picture yourself slowly inhaling and exhaling through your heart.

Once you are comfortable in your breathing, breathe in the feeling of inner dignity. Breathe in a sense of inner-strength and inner poise. This increases your dignity and power to maintain your higher principles.

When you practice Heart-Focused Breathing, do so for at least a couple of minutes. It is especially beneficial when practiced several times each day until it becomes a natural habit.

Our dignity is the foundational baseline of good character. Explore how increasing your inner dignity could help you navigate your day-to-day discernment and choices.

And with each time you explore, you can affirm, “I AM nurturing my inner dignity.”


How has practicing inner dignity affected your choices and actions? Share your inspirations below.

The original article can be found here.



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