Messages from the River: The Hurt Will Stop

Friends can be like your second brain sometimes.

A friend reminded me of a poem I wrote a while back. I laughed because she sent it to me in a text and as I read it I thought, “This sounds familiar.” And by the end I said, “This sounds like something I wrote!” HA! I did! (Yes, laugh because that was certainly funny.)

Reading my own words like a stranger, my poem spoke to me, so now I share it with you. It’s called Eventually.


Close your eyes. Do you hear that sound?
It’s the sound of life whooshing by,
splashing against the rocks–the obstacles–
but still moving forward.

The water doesn’t stop.
The current carries it downstream.
The water just keeps hitting the rocks.
The rocks hurt.

Can I be like the bird
that just flew by?
Fly above the rocks and the water?
Or is the bird like an angel?

Eventually we get past the rocks.

Eventually the calmness of the river
carries us.


But how does the water know when?
These rocks hurt.

But eventually.

After reading the poem, there followed a declaration that came to me that I will share with you now for your own claiming: “I AM embracing my journey.”


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