Is This Your Story?

Once upon a time in eternity, there was a soul that decided it wanted to come to earth to serve mankind with unique gifts and talents. After spending some time with God deciding on who its family and friends would be and what purpose they would serve in the life of the soul while on earth, the soul entered the earth realm through the person that would be its mother.

The soul lived through nine months inside of its mother being nurtured and prepared to physically see the world. Through a very transformational experience, the soul–inside the body of a child–and the mother co-labored to get the soul out to the world so that it could get to work. But, along this transformational journey, something happened. No sooner than the soul felt what was air pass on what it later came to know was its crown, did another entity attach itself to the body–the brain to be exact. It was the ego!

What the soul would learn in later years is that while it came here to serve a noble purpose, the ego would challenge it with concepts such as fear, anger, depression, jealousy and other things that were not of the soul. The soul would have to learn to manage the ego and allow the ego to serve it, because after all, the ego did also offer a personality and the personality offered the style with which the soul would show up on earth.

As the soul grew, so did the ego. The ego would show up at inopportune times and make life difficult for the soul. It created problems for the soul. The soul ended up in many arguments, lost good friends and even lost jobs because of the ego. Yet later, both the soul and the ego found themselves later climbing what is called the ladder of success. The success, once reached, was not fulfilling to either. You see, they both wanted more. The ego wanted more of the ladder. The soul wanted to live out its purpose.

The two had lived in conflict for decades. It took about 40 years of time of earth for the soul to realize that if it was going to successfully do what it came to earth to do, it had to find a way to manage the ego. The way the soul learned to do this was through various practices that allowed it to connect to its original source. These activities calmed the mind and ego, and allowed the soul to lead. The more the activities were practiced, the stronger the presence and leading of the soul.

From time to time something would happen to bruise the ego. It would try to rear its head and would even be successful for brief moments, but as time went on the moments  became more and more brief. You see, the soul learned valuable lessons throughout the decades–the main one being, when the ego gets its way, pain soon follows. In short, the soul had to learn to keep the ego in check.

This was a simple story that while may not be factual, is definitely practical. Living successfully and living your dream, purpose, vision or whatever you choose to call it, requires that you keep your ego in check.

Your ego can keep you ashamed.

Your ego can keep your hurting.

Your ego can make you hurtful.

Your ego can make you afraid.

Let your soul lead then, and decide, “I AM keeping the ego in check.”


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