Ignite Your Fire

Today I saw a card that said these simple words:

Be positive. Your thoughts can shape your experience so be sure to focus on the positive.

So here’s my question to you: what are you focusing on? Does what you focus on spark your excitement or throw cold water on your dreams? Are your thoughts lighting you up or keeping you in the dark? If what you’re focusing on isn’t setting you on fire with the determination to keep moving forward, then your focused on the wrong things. You’re being negative.

Stop it!

Change it.


Focus on your growth. Focus on a brighter future. Become enthusiastic. Simply put, be positive about who you are, who you can become and what you can accomplish.

Change your story for one that better serves you. Begin by being positive with yourself.

Ignite your own fire and say it with me now: I AM POSITIVE!


Now watch change happen. BOOM!


  1. Yes!!! Everyday!

  2. Looking forward to positivity surrounding me and all that I do

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