If God Could Be Boxed

Over the 2017 winter holidays, I retreated from my regular work of helping people connect to their divinity, nurture their bodies with life giving foods and live their purposes with vitality. I retreated to go inward and reflect on my own life.

At the end of two weeks of reading, journaling, meditating and reflecting, I was led to the Tao Te Ching. I have heard of it many times, but was never compelled to read it—not until December 31, 2017. I listened to Stephen Mitchell’s translation in its entirety and decided I wanted to read it slowly. And so, I am.

Upon reading Chapter 1 on January 1, 2018 on a flight back home, I decided to capture my interpretation, and being who I am—a teacher and one who loves to share—I decided to share.

Here then today is my first sharing of my interpretation of the Tao. My hope is that it is a blessing to you, and perhaps inspires you in some way on your own journey of spiritual, emotional, and/or physical evolution. Perhaps together, we will live the Tao.

The Tao Chapter 1 – My Interpretation

There is not just one way to God (Consciousness.) No one person or religion can, has the authority to dictate The way to God. If it were so, then God couldn’t or wouldn’t be God and man could then put God in a box—as man has. If God could be boxed, then it is not God. It (the god created by man) is then controllable and God cannot be controlled by man. The drop of water cannot control the waves of the ocean from which it has come. Hence, man cannot control its Source.

No man or religion can say, “This is the only way to God,” because his only then becomes the box of one that is Omni—The All.

Needless to say, God’s name is not God. The word is simply the representation of a concept and the use of the word allows for communication of the concept. Furthermore, the claim that God has a name is again placing the one that is All inside of a box, and how could The All be placed within the confines of anything?

When you are detached from wanting, you see life unfold before you. It happens without striving and effort. When you are attached to the outcome, you see the desire in physical form, but only according to the limitations of what your lower nature controlled it to be. There is less of the marvel of life unfolding.

Either way, you experience this one thing—seeing something come from nothing. Both ways provide an opportunity to understand the working of Source, The All. Both ways are an opportunity to learn about the One—the unseen.  One way flows from the lower self, the other way flows from the higher self. One way is the way of the drop. The other way is the way of the ocean.


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