I AM Happy

Usually, at the end of each post I ask that if you have been inspired, to please share your inspiration in the comments section because you may inspire someone else. Never did I expect to receive an email with a story–from someone who’s joined me in the journey–about how she’s been inspired, along with pictures!

This is what I share with you today. Her story of changing her mindset to empower herself!

I use to wonder why people seemed happy. Most of them have what I have: 3 degrees, a wonderful family life, an opportunity to travel the country and world and a job that allowed me to spend the most memorable time with my mom before she went to spend eternity with the Lord. Still, I was just not happy. I was bitter and lonely. My friends would remind me of how blessed I was and I would just say, “yeah you’re right,” but I did not feel it nor did I believe it.

When my mom passed unexpectedly, I was even more unhappy or almost distraught. I had done what I was supposed to in life. I had been the faithful daughter doing everything I could to please my mom since my early days of attending college, but I was not pleasing to her.

I am a tenured Associate Professor of a Research Institution. Of that, my mom was proud. That was the only thing that made me happy since she had done so much for me. When she left me my unhappiness of 20 years or more surfaced and I was subject to visiting a counselor for a year. There is more to this story, but what I want to share is that I AM HAPPY NOW AND WILL REMAIN HAPPY BECAUSE I HAD TO GET A NEW WAY OF THINKING AND BELIEVEING IN MY SELF.

How did I do this? Fall semester I spent the entire time in Maryland. I stayed with a long time friend. I always looked at her as a person of strength and courage. She always, seemingly in my perspective, got what she wanted. She believed in herself. She was always positive and she knew what she wanted. I felt like that only worked for her and not me. At Christmas time she gave me a most needed gift. It was an audio book about the subconscious. I started listening and believing that most people were successful because they understood the importance of speaking it. I never really spoke it. I just felt that God gave me success because I was a believer and I did what was expected of me.

Well I now know you must speak it; speak positivity over, and over. Get up speaking it, drive in your car believing it, sit down believing it and above all believe it. What did I believe? I believed that I could get pass the pain and hurt. I was calm. I deserved all that was meant for me. I believed that I was attractive now. In the past it was that I was too heavy and no one would want me. And not long after I started believing I was attractive, I met a doctor at my supermarket and he asked me out!)

I believed that I could change my mindset. Before I knew it I was changing. I was just conscious of that little voice in my head now and it was speaking to me, “I believe.”

There is more to this story and I could probably write a book on my life of unhappiness, but now I am Happy.  I went to visit my counselor and I no longer have to go because I know that I am Happy. I am Happy!!!

After reading Sheron Brown ‘s—the friend I stayed with in the Fall—blog about waking up being Happy, that was affirmation for me. I am Happy for the pitfalls, happy for knowing that I can be Happy. I have changed my mindset and I believe that I am changed. I speak Happiness into who ever reads this response.

It can happen to you. You just have to take one step at a time and believe. Trust me, you will see your life changing right in your face and you will feel Happiness.

Thanks Sheron Brown.

She also informed me that she wakes up with a new affirmation everyday. She writes them on note paper, and posts them on her mirror. This is the picture she sent.


Wow! I am humbled.

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Inspired to inspire,

❤️Sheron ❤️

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