Fruits of Power

The Tao Chapter 30 – My Interpretation

He who aligns with the universal laws of life as his way of being, releases his reliance on control, force or violence. With control, force or violence comes individual and corporate karma.

The wise one performs the tasks that are before him, then holds his peace. He is confident that the results will unfold according to their nature. He knows control is unwise. Likewise, dominance. He allows the flow of life to be as it wants.

Here is how he flows with the universal laws of life.

He is confident; this negates his need to argue.

He is at ease with himself; this negates his need for approval.

He embraces his true nature; this makes him comfortable in his world.

He who aligns with the universal laws of life lives with power.

As I read Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the Tao Te Ching daily, I reflect and document my interpretation with the intention of living the Tao.


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