Don’t Allow Yourself to Die

The trees are trying to tell you something.

Sounds crazy, right? It does, but it’s true. The trees are trying to tell you something, at least the ones that release leaves.

During the warmer seasons the leaves on these particular trees use the air, water and sunlight to make food for the tree. In this process the trees tend to lose water through holes in the leaves. That’s fine in the warmer climates, but not in the winter. The cold dry air of winter would not allow the tree to get enough water to replace the water it would lose through holes in the leaves, so the leaves have to go. In short, if these trees held on to their leaves during the winter, they would die.

So instead of allowing themselves to die in the winter, they seal off their connection to the leaves during the fall and the result is the releasing of the leaves.

The trees are trying to tell you something.

What new season do  you need to prepare for, but you are not letting go of leaves–people or habits–that need to fall off? What is it that you want to do next in your life that requires you to seal off relationships that will only serve to hold you back. What are you holding on to that is bringing death to your soul?

Whatever it may be, I encourage you choose your growth instead. The season will change and new leaves that serve you and support your growth will come to you.

Letting go is hard to do, but in the long run, better for you, so listen to the trees and say like they do, “I AM letting go of all things that no longer serve me.”


Choose your life.

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