Don’t Allow It


The seconds ticking by as you read this sentence will never come back. The day you had today will never return. The past week is gone forever. And months. And years.

Don’t allow time to pass in vain.

Choose to make wise use of your time.

Don’t allow distractions to derail your focus.

Choose to live purposefully.

Cut back on lengthy phone conversations that don’t lift you up or move you forward. Reduce the amount of time you spend in front of the television. Manage your social media time so that you prioritize what’s important and get the important things done.

Here’s something you can do to maximize your time:

  1. List the big things you want to accomplish for the year
  2. Break them down into monthly chunks
  3. Break those monthly chunks down to weekly chunks
  4. Break those weekly chunks down to daily chunks, and of course give yourself rest days
  5. Commit to yourself daily that idle conversations, television and social media will not derail your prioritized day

If you make the commitment everyday, you are sure to see progress as you pursue your goals, dreams and desires. Make a promise to yourself–and keep it–that you will stay the course, and declare, I AM focused.


P.S. If you need a concrete tool to help you get and stay focused, try using the Passion Planner. I don’t get anything for making this recommendation. It is simply a tool that I have found useful to help me manage my time and remain focused!


  1. My pleasure. I’m glad you found the steps helpful!

  2. Thanks for sharing, I love that it included steps to help maximize your time👌🏾

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