Create Today’s Residual

“Remember that what you are experiencing today is the residual of what you created yesterday.”

These were the words of a wise friend. She was reminding me that my past choices created my current reality, one that I was not enjoying. And while reminding me of that truth, I was also reminded of my power–the power to make new choices and to create a new today.

I was reminded that in my “today” I could make new choices that would create “tomorrow’s” residual.

With that realization I stopped griping, pulled down my power, and set about the work of creating a new “today.” It’s still a work in progress, but the most important thing has changed: my mindset.

Huge external changes begin with small internal ones. Embrace that your current “today” doesn’t have to be this way forever. Accept that you can choose a new path for “tomorrow’s” today. Allow yourself to release the regret of the past and permit yourself live in your power now.

It can begin now with you saying, “I AM declaring today a new beginning.”




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