Choose This Daily to Change the World

“I AM a healer.”

Do you believe that about yourself?

Depending on your cultural background, you may associate being a healer with placing your hands on someone, praying for them, and witnessing a miraculous physical recovery. Or if you are very technical, a medical doctor may come to mind. However, neither of the two are the absolute case.

Yes, a healer is one that heals yet when you break that down, to heal simply means to alleviate a person’s distress or anguish.

You don’t need a medical degree or a magic touch to do that. You can help alleviate distress in many other ways. Some of those ways include:

  • A compliment
  • A silly joke
  • A smile
  • A hug
  • An act of kindness
  • Asking how they are doing (and being genuine)

Very simply, you can help heal the state of another, by being a caring Being.

Chose to be a caring Being daily and know this about yourself: you are a healer. By choosing to believe “I AM a healer,” you make your contribution to changing the world for the better, one day at a time, one person at a time.


Be a healer. Change the world.

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