Be In A Commitment

One problem I have is that I read too many books at once. Currently, I am reading 6 physical books, 3 electronic books and listening to 3 audio books. I know. Crazy.

The good thing about the craziness is that they are all pointing to one inspiring message.

One of the books I’m reading is connected to a yoga training course that I am currently taking and in the past week I read a passage that I have been sharing with everyone I talk to.

I don’t usually post on Sundays, but today, because it is a day about love and commitment, I thought to share.

Yes, being in a committed relationship with someone is lovely, but before going outward, have you gone inward, first? Are you committed to yourself?

Being committed to yourself involves staying true to who you are–keeping your word to yourself, being honest with you and being dedicated to the actions that lead to the life you want. Being committed to yourself means you worry less about about how others respond to your actions, and focus more on what you are creating for yourself.

The line I read that I’ve shared with literally everyone I’ve spoken to since I read it, and now with you is,

“Do not attach yourself to the outcome, but instead commit yourself to your actions.”

So today I wish you a wonderful day of love with the hope that your first commitment is to loving you.

I AM committed to loving me.


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