Are You Trying to be President of the World?

Do  you spend a majority of your day doing what you love?

Are you flowing in what you are gifted and/or talented in as your means of livelihood?

Do you believe you are fully living out your purpose?

If your answer is yes, then great! But most people I tend to come in contact with would say no. Many folks end up in professions or jobs accidentally or by convenience, and these folks find themselves moving up a ladder that is not their own.

When I entered into the work world as a young adult, I did so as a teacher. Being goal-oriented, I set my sites on being an out-of-classroom leader. Once I got there, I started moving toward being an assistant principal. And when I got there, I set the goal of being a principal. I found myself not enjoying the work, but planning for the next logical step. In the mirror while brushing my teeth one day, I looked at myself and asked,

What are you doing? Why are you listening to other people? What’s next, being a district superintendent? And then what? State superintendent? Then what? What’s the end game? Being president of the world?

That crazy ladder climb was halted. A step back and reflection was in order.

With the help of my favorite distant cousin, Oprah, I was able to do that. (She’s not really my cousin.😉) Cousin Oprah had just completed a series that helped people get in touch with their strengths, gifts and talents. Thankfully, the series has been curated on the OWN site!

If you answered no to the questions above, then check out the series. Take the time to work through the sessions. They are worth it. If you answered yes to the questions above, you may still find the series beneficial, as they can enhance your understanding of you!

  • Session 1 – Take Control of Your Career, Part 1
  • Session 2 – Take Control of Your Career, Part 2
  • Session 3 – What is Strengths Training
  • Session 4 – Bust the Myths About Happiness
  • Session 5 – Get Clear About Your Strengths
  • Session 6 – Maximize Your Strengths at Work

You have a unique blend of strengths, gifts and talents on purpose. Find out what they are and live in them daily–even while you work. You are unique, so find your groove and work with joy.

Make it so: I AM unique for a purpose.


Note about my journey: First I moved up the ladder through convenience, then I moved into administration accidentally, listening to the advice of others, despite what I felt in my gut. I enjoy all the work involved in helping people grow 100% of my day. No matter what anyone says, it is impossible for principals to spend 100% of their day doing the work of helping their teachers grow.


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