Are You Misaligned?

Misery. Discontent. Sadness.

When you feel yourself in a negative state, the chances are great that something in your life is misaligned.

It could be that your job is not aligned with what you feel in your heart–your reason for being.

It could be that you may be allowing yourself to be mistreated in an important relationship (partner, co-worker, sibling, etc.)

Or it could be that you are participating in social or professional activities that you do not necessarily believe in.

Whether it is one of these scenarios or another, the point is that there is a misalignment. It is the misalignment that is creating the negative feeling within, and I am here to suggest that the misalignment is between your experience and your soul.

There is a difficult choice to make. Something must end and you must detach. The situation must be remedied so that your lived experience, your life, can be brought into harmony with your soul. But how do you do that?

Here’s a recommendation:

  1. Decide what’s more important? Your ego-based responses to external forces or living in harmony with your soul–your Higher Self.
  2. Assuming you choose harmony, decide to detach from the situation. A mental and energetic detachment must occur before a physical one can occur.
  3. Allow the circumstances of your life to shift so that the physical detachment can materialize. (My guess is that life would have already presented the opportunity and you have been holding on.)

That’s it. Choose to live in alignment with your soul. As you choose declare to yourself, “I AM choosing to honor my Higher Self.”


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