A Path to Your Life’s Answers

The Tao Chapter 4 – My Interpretation

The path of life is within.

The path for your life is within you.

The path to life is in you.

Deep within. Inside your core, waiting to be excavated again and again by prayer, reflection and meditation.

The path is invisible on the surface, but its contents can be made visible by going within to bring them out.

Its contents never end. As long as you need an answer for your journey, it is there. You only need excavate the answer.

Deep within you are discoveries waiting to be made, inventions to be created and ideas to explore.

At first glance on the physical level, this wonder cannot be seen, but somehow it is always there and can never be depleted.

The Deep within you existed before the first word.

Wisdom is there.

It is the Kingdom of God within you.

As I read Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the Tao Te Ching daily, I reflect and document my interpretation with the intention of living the Tao. 


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