Accept the Truth

Single mother. Limited funds. A $10,000 dream.

That was my situation years ago when my child was a baby and I wanted to enter a certification program. I was fixated on this program and didn’t have the money to pay for it, so I hatched a plan.

I would reach out to the Vice President or President of the organization and propose a plan where they would allow me in–without the funds–and I would work it off on evenings and weekends. And so I called.

The lady on the phone thought I was nuts. I still remember the conversation very clearly. Part of it went like this:

Her: I admire your determination dear, but we don’t do that.
Me: That’s fine. What date does the Vice President have available on his calendar?
Her: I’ll get you on his calendar, but we’ve never done that before so I doubt you’ll get a yes.
Me: Thank you. I’ll see you this summer.
Her: Wow. I really appreciate your enthusiasm dear, but don’t get your hopes up.
Me: Thank you again and I’ll see you this summer.

A few weeks later, I was in the bathroom talking to myself in the mirror–really praying–before I walked into the Vice President’s office to make the request.

After introducing myself and going through the pleasantries, I made the 2-minute speech I rehearsed many times before and just like that, with no convincing necessary, I got a yes. He admired my innovation and tenacity. We then chatted for about an hour afterward.

As I left his office, the lady I spoke to on the phone earlier–his secretary–asked me how the meeting went. When I replied, “Like I said, see you this summer,” she was in shock! HA! The thing that was impossible suddenly became possible!

Her response? “You’re certainly a lucky lady because that was a miracle!”

By the end of that summer I had my certification, and the 5-year “work it off” plan, was shaved down to 1 year! Another miracle!

I share this story to encourage you. When there is something that you have decided on as your goal, and you declare you can achieve it while holding your faith, you will achieve it–even when the odds are against you and others believe it is impossible.

Open yourself to the fact that miracles happen and declare, “I AM accepting of miracles.”


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