3 Steps to Embrace Your Anger

Today I had an experience with anger.

There was a misunderstanding between a friend and I. He misinterpreted something I said and became angered very quickly. He held on to that anger longer that it would seem reasonable even after recognizing that he misinterpreted my actions.

Once we moved passed the situation we began to analyze the source of his anger. It was rooted in old beliefs about not being good enough and smart enough. We spent a bit more time talking and arrived at this: he had been subconsciously repeating a story to himself from the past and he needed to tell himself a new story.

I thought to share my experience with you because it occurred to me that maybe someone else out there needed to hear where he arrived because just maybe his self-realization would benefit another.

Here’s where he arrived: when he becomes angered, he will

  1. Admit to himself that he’s angry (awareness)
  2. Recognize that his anger is telling him something about himself (acceptance)
  3. Expose the old story and replace it with a new one (action)

He chose these 3 simple steps to reprogram his thinking to improve his relationship first with himself, and second with others.

If you connect with his story, then you’ll appreciate his new story and like him you should tell yourself: I AM intelligence!


If you can relate to my friend, I’d love to hear from you so share your inspiration below and inspire others. 🙂

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