Will You Die?

Imagine this.

You are walking on a dirt path that is speckled with gravel and bits of grass growing between rocks, the gravel and dirt. You feel secure because the ground is beneath you. Nearby you can hear the sound of water rushing down its own path.

You continue to walk down this path and you begin to notice that you can see water on either side. Then you notice a steep drop to your left and to your right. You still feel secure though because the ground is still beneath your feet.

As your walk continues, you notice what begins to seem like the end of the path. You continue to move in that direction because you know that your destination is up ahead. After more yards of walking the end has been confirmed. The very clear and obvious path does end. You approach it and wonder, “How will I reach my destination?” You continue to march forth with the question becoming louder and louder in your head.

Then you arrive. You are at the end of the the known path, but you have not yet arrived at your destination.

Now, the water that was just a faint sound earlier, is beneath you crashing violently against the rocks at the bottom this cliff. Yes, you have arrived at the cliff’s edge.

You want to continue, but you can’t. You will die. As you ponder what appears to be your only option–going back where you came from and finding another route–you feel a strong urge to keep walking. “WHAT?!” You question and exclaim. “That’s crazy talk! I can’t keep going forward. I WILL DIE!”  But despite your exclamations, the urging becomes stronger by way of encouragements and signs.

Something inside of you knows that if you take the step, you will be fine. But your logical brain says no. “What now? Do I trust the extremely crazy yet compellingly safe-feeling urge, or do I go with logic?” you ask yourself.

Recently I read something that conjured up the guided image above. It was something that I’ve heard many times in various forms. It was, “I am totally confident in letting go and letting God appear as the abundant all-sufficiency in my life and affairs.” As I read those words, the one word that jumped off the page was appear. That led to a string of thoughts that went something like this,

Appear…as in show up. Let God show up…in every aspect of my life. So when I don’t allow God to appear, I am creating a blockage. Avoidance! When I avoid an aspect of my life, I am creating a block. This is why I can feel so blessed in many areas, and not so blessed in others. Oh my goodness! The areas I avoid are the ones where I am having the most difficulty. Why am I avoiding? Because I’m afraid God won’t show up. But isn’t God showing up in a bunch of other areas in my life? Yes. So you think God doesn’t have power in this area? God does. So why are you not letting God? Why are you avoiding this area? Why are you creating the block?

Why are you creating the block?

I arrived at this: it’s a simple choice. Allow God to appear as the abundant all-sufficiency in your life and affairs, or not.

If you choose to allow, your mantra is, “I AM totally confident in letting go and letting God appear in all areas of my life.”


If you can relate, please share your thoughts below.

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