Watch The Help Come

Being receptive to divine guidance is one thing. Accepting help when it arrives is another.

When you find yourself in one of those situations where you are working harder and harder, doing more and more but it doesn’t seem like the results you are working for are ever going to happen, even though you know with every fiber of your being you are doing the right work, the message is clear. Stop.

A while ago, after working ridiculous hours and not seeing much forward movement, the decision was made to stop. Stop working so hard at spinning the wheels and instead, work with ease and grace.

Shortly after the decision, in the midst of a talk, I caught one line from a spiritual teacher, and held on to it: “Grace also involves accepting the help when it comes.”


If you’ve ever been in the church, you’ve heard the phrase “After you’ve done all you can, you just stand.” And if you’ve never been in the church, you may have heard something like, “Ask and allow.” Either way, the point is, there comes a time when you’ve got to decide that you’ve done your part and now the rest is up to the Divine.

How do you know when that point is? I can’t say for sure when your point is, but I can pretty much guess with confidence that it’s around the time when you’ve tried everything you know how to do and/or you have reached a point of total frustration.

This is when you close everything down, exhale, and decide to go have some fun and relax. At this point say with a smile, “I AM accepting Divine help.”


Then, go have some fun and watch the help come!

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