Too Much and Not Enough?

Too fat.

Too skinny.

Too dark.

Too light.

Lips too thick. Lips too thin.

Butt too big. Butt too small.

I’m not tall enough. I’m not shapely enough.

Hair not long enough..not curly enough…not straight enough.


It’s time to let go of the lies of you’re not good enough. Despite the internal struggles you may encounter,  you are truly beautiful, and it’s time to always allow your inner magnificence to show.

Recently I read, “You are a beautiful example of God’s love. Everything about you is perfect, so let your light shine and inspire others.”

If ever any of the too much and not enough lies try to play in your head, slay them by reminding yourself, I AM a beautiful being.


You are indeed enough. You are a beautiful expression of God.


Quote from Doreen Virtue’s Flower Therapy.

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