There Is No Excuse

What are you doing daily about your dream?

If you can blurt out your answer immediately, great! If you’re still thinking about the answer, keep reading, for sure!

Do something daily.

If your dream is to write a book, the size of that dream may be overwhelming so don’t think about the whole book. Commit to writing a page a day. In a year’s time, you’ll have 365 pages. Book, done!

If your dream is to take a luxury trip, plan for it. Let’s say the trip for you and your honey is about $10,000. You can break it down into a year by saving $200 a week. Too much? Break it down further. In 2  years you can take that luxury trip by saving $400 a month. Still too much? Then with much discipline you can save for that trip in 5 years by saving $41 a week. If you eat out or drink fancy coffee regularly, you can take that luxury trip.

I can keep going on with “ifs,” but my point is simple: there is no excuse. Break that dream down into simple steps and you can get it done!

Commit to your dream. Decide you will do the work.

Break your dream down. Turn the big vision into daily digestible chunks.

And make this promise to yourself, “I AM taking daily action steps to creating my dream.”


What’s your dream? Can’t think of how to break it down? Share and I’ll be your thought partner. I want to see you realize your dream dear!😘

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