She is You

In a deep and loving connection, soul to Soul, she can trust him.

With fierce protection—one like no other—he holds her close, intensely.

His love, like an indestructible force, resides in her presence, assuring her safety.

From the depth of his core and with the essence of his love, he guards her ceaselessly.

She sees the pain that others inflict return to them. But her soul to Soul connection with him only apportions love, and she is protected by love.

His peculiar love guards her mind, body and soul.

She carries the essence of this love with her at all times and he keeps her secure, endlessly.

He tells her, “You have chosen to live in love with me and now I will love, cherish, honor and protect you for eternity.”

You know her. She is you.

She can safely affirm; I AM protected by Divine love.


Inspired by Psalm 91.

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