Rise Above It

Maybe it happens at work: frustration, setbacks, challenges or roadblocks. Or maybe in your personal life. Either way, after a while you want to explode and give someone a tongue lashing–as my mother would say–meaning a piece of your mind.


Instead do this:

  1. Get a blank sheet of paper and something to write with, then make a table that looks like this, or simply download and print it.
  2. List at least 3 events from your past when you felt overwhelmed by a challenge. If you can think of more, feel free to list them, but list at least 3.
  3. Write what was the resolve or outcome for each challenge in the column to the right.
  4. Place a check mark in each row where the challenge was resolved by worrying (W), complaining (C), or fear-based fussing (F).

Now look at what you’ve done and answer this: how many did you check?

My guess is none.

Nothing was ever solved by worrying, complaining or fussing. Instead, your challenges were most likely resolved in one of two ways: (1) either you had a peaceful mind that allowed a wise solution to come through to you; or (2) the challenge was removed without you having to do one thing!

Think back. Am I right? My guess is yes.

Here’s the point: when you’re in a challenge, and you want to give someone a tongue lashing, instead take a deep breath, ask for peace in that moment and KNOW, it will pass. Rise above that challenging moment and allow it to pass.

So when you are challenged tomorrow, or the next day, or the next, inhale, “I ask for peace,” exhale, “I am rising above temporary challenges.”


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