How to Show You Love

“If I earned more money, I could…”

“If I lost/gained some weight, I would…”

“I can’t change because…”

“I don’t know what to do because I’m stuck.”

These are some of the stories we tell ourselves and use to hold ourselves back. We use these lines to procrastinate. We use these lines to justify. We use these lines to lie–to ourselves.

So let me get to the point. The truth is:

  1. You earn enough right now. Start with what you have. Make a plan to manage well what you have now, and you will definitely see the path for your financial growth. (I dare you to try before you disagree.)
  2. You can begin to manage your weight right now. I’ve never seen a piece of cake, cookie or any other food demand to be eaten or not. We choose not to manage how we eat. We can also choose to manage what we eat.
  3. You can change. You ALWAYS have the choice. You’re rude because you choose to be rude. You hide because you choose to hide. You’re angry because you choose to be angry, but you can make a new choice. Choose to stop saying you can’t.
  4. You are not stuck and you are able to open yourself to the answer toward progress, but you must (once again) make the choice.

You have enough.

You can manage your eating habits.

You can change.

You can be unstuck if you open your heart and mind to the answers.

Show yourself some love. Decide now to be honest with yourself and affirm,

I AM honest with myself.


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