How to Break the Mold

I think industry is confusing. On the one hand as adults in business we are told, “Compete!” “Competition is good for business!” “Competition makes you stronger!” The message is that competition is needed for success.

Yet on the other hand, in school students are taught to cooperate and that learning to cooperate prepares them for the real world. Heck, there’s even a teaching strategy called cooperative learning! In youth we learn that cooperation is needed for success.

Well which one is it?

I have noticed that most successful people in the world are busy being who they are, and they tend to be the people who break the mold.

Take for example Oprah–she’s got her critics, but look! I didn’t even have to use her last name and the chances are extremely high that you know her. She’s busy being herself.

Then there’s Joel Osteen. Folks criticize him for not teaching brimstone and fire, but guess what? He’s experiencing success nonetheless. He’s busy being himself.

There’s even a guy that’s running for president. Most people I know don’t care for him, yet he is winning the race. And he’s doing it being himself. (Yes, one could argue he is in competition with the other candidates, but c’mon, is he really?)

The point: if you want to have success with whatever you’re doing, don’t worry about other people and focus on yourself. Focus on your unique gifts and talents, allow the brighter side of your personality to glow, and show up busy being you.

Make the decision to live this truth: I AM running my own race.


Now, break the mold.


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