Are You In?

What are you thinking about right now?

If we do an audit of our thoughts we are likely to find that we are mostly in the past or in the present. We are either thinking (or fretting) about something that happened or thinking (or worrying) about something that may happen. But what about what is happening right now?

Once while in a yoga class, I was supposed to be aware of the movement and my body’s response to it. Instead my thoughts were into the next week. I was missing the moment! What the heck?

Then I thought, “my moments are limited, so why aren’t I in them?” From that moment I promised myself that whenever I become aware that I am in the past or future, I will get present. I am not perfect at this yet, but with practice it’s getting better.

Minutes before writing this message, a friend texted me sharing how she was feeling about an experience. In her message, a phrase stood out. She said,

We’re okay…we’re exhausted and just taking it moment by moment.

Moment by moment.

Her words have inspired this yogic exercise I am sharing with you now.

So now, get silent and do this:

  • Inhale – feel the breath filling your lungs.
  • Exhale – hear the air leaving your body.
  • Inhale – feel the life force entering in.
  • Exhale – release that which no longer serves you.
  • Inhale – feel your appreciation for your breath.
  • Exhale and say, I AM in this present moment.


My hope is that you have been inspired. If so, please share your inspiration below to inspire someone else.

Namaste 😉


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