A Message from The River: Be Rooted

Have you ever learned a lesson by observing nature?

Sometimes I’ll walk to a river not far from where I live, find a big rock to sit on and just be quiet. Once while in silence, I observed a tree by the river’s edge–the strength and thickness of its roots, the length of its branches–and the nature of the tree inspired a poem.

Today I’m sharing the poem as it inspired an “I AM” statement that would be great for us all to live by. The poem is called, Not for Me.

Not for Me

Like a tree I grow tall
But not for me.
My growth provides strength
And in growth I am nourished
But not for me.

My branches provide shade—
Shade for those who have been beaten with weariness.
My leaves gather together to create the shade.
My flowers provide hope.
They show the colors of life.
They prove that growth is always happening.

My trunk allows me to stand
But not for my own sake.
It is for yours.
You who need to hear my story,
You who want to hear the wisdom granted to me through my
I am able to stand strong
But not for me.

My roots make sure I am secure,
Deeply rooted to that which I am connected.
The source.
I am deeply rooted, but not for me.
It is for you.
You who need to see me—
To hear me.

My life and its experiences are not mine.
They are ours.
This life is ours.
I stand strong not because of myself, nor for myself—
I stand strong because of You and for you.

That is love.


I hope the poem encourages you to make today’s “I AM” a part of all you do and who you are.

Not for Me is an original poem by yours truly, Sheron Brown.


  1. Yessssss! My heart is smiling.

  2. Selflessness of love ❤️❤️❤️

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